Minister of Health: We have enough quarantine spaces

We have enough quarantine spaces, as well as properly equipped and prepared hospital spaces, - Ekaterine Tikaradze, Minister of IDPs from the Occupied Territories of Georgia, Labour, Health and Social Affairs, said at a special briefing.

She said that the government was doing its best to prevent spread of the disease in Georgia.

“I would like to inform you that the citizen was checked by our border guards at the border, who were wearing special clothes, because their health is very important to us. They follow our instructions, this reduces their risk of infection, but nonetheless, these customs officers are now uunder supervision and they will also be placed in quarantine. At this stage, the patient is in the infectious hospital. His health at this stage is not in any danger. I want to reassure our citizens that we do not have the reason for panic, because our government is doing everything and we are taking all measures not to have a coronavirus epidemic in Georgia," the Minister said.

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