Metropolitan Nikoloz : If the coronavirus vaccination becomes mandatory, it will be a devilish act

Metropolitan of Kumordo and Akhalkalaki Nikoloz claims if the coronavirus vaccination is made mandatory for everyone it will be "a devilish act."

Metropolitan Nikoloz made this statement responding to the statement of Bishop Saba, Bishop of Khoni and Samtredia, who said that the coronavirus vaccine will be developed to subordinate people.

“Bishop Saba responded to the reports that the vaccination will be mandatory or everyone will be forced to get vaccinated. This is definitely from the devil. If all people are forced to be vaccinated, it means that it will be a devilish act. I don’t get it imperatively from any person. If it is imperative, without any explanation, I will not take part in it. I will definitely get vaccinated, but if they force me, than I will not,” said Father Nikoloz adding that in general, the church has a positive attitude to the treatment and vaccination.

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