Individuals not wearing masks in indoor spaces will be fined 20 Lari

Natural persons not wearing the masks in indoor public spaces will be fined 20 Lari, - the Chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee, Anri Okahanshvili has told the reporters after the committee meeting. According to him, the agreement on the issues has been reached within the ruling group.

As the deputy said, the same amount of fine will be determined for the passengers and as well as drivers not wearing the masks in the taxi and in public transport.

"We've had discussions within Georgian Dream and the majority favors decreasing the 50 Lari fine. Accordingly, we've decreased the 50 Lari fine to 20 Lari for natural individuals that break the mask-wearing rule in indoor public spaces or while traveling by public transport. In addition, the 20 Lari fine concerns the taxi drivers and their passengers.

As for the legal entities, if they break this rule, if natural persons visiting their indoor spaces are not wearing masks, they'll be given 500 Lari administrative fine. Very important rules remain under function - which is when you should follow the quarantine rule once you arrive from abroad. The quarantine rule should be fully fulfilled in order to ensure public safety in the best way possible. Otherwise, the natural person will be fined 2 000 Lari. As for the legal entities, the fine will amount to 10 000 Lari. If a natural or legal person breaks [the quarantine] rule for the second time, penal action will be launched", - stated Okhanashvili.

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