Wizz Air Communications Manager says flights will most likely be suspended to/from Georgia until next summer

We are not cancelling or closing the Kutaisi base; at this stage we have no plans to close our base in Kutaisi. We are temporarily suspending operations, - said Wizz Air Communications Manager Andra Rado.

He said flights were likely to be suspended until next summer due to existing restrictions.

"Unfortunately, we have to suspend flights due to the virus. The suspension will last until we receive next instructions. I will definitely let you know when this decision is made.

Most likely, operations will be suspended until next summer, as we do not know when the restrictions will end.

As far as I know, we don't have planes at the Kutaisi base right now. As soon as the operations in Kutaisi are resumed, of course, we will return the planes. Until then, taking into account international and local restrictions, we are looking for other solutions to carry out any kind of flights in Kutaisi.

Wizz Air is monitoring the developments at the international level and in Georgia. We will resume flights as soon as the conditions allow us to do so. Of course, we must obey all the rules set by the international or local authorities. We hope to resume flights to/from Georgia as soon as possible,” said Andras Rado.

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