A unique project in Adjara - what does "Mziuri Gardens" offer to customers

"Mziuri Gardens" - a unique seaside complex in Batumi, in particular in the resort Makhinjauri, which will offer customers unprecedented services. The apartments start from 43.6 sq.m. and are with premium class renovation, furniture, and appliances. Wellness environment, protected area, protected safety, access to the services of the 5-star hotel in the complex, CROWNE PLAZA, and most importantly, the opportunity to return the investment in the apartment in 5 years! - This is part of the offers that the residents of "Mziuri Gardens" will receive.

It should be noted that this is the first British direct investment in Adjara made by MRMU International. It is the high qualification of the investor company that determines the construction and further operation of the project to a high standard. The territory of the former balneological resort was selected for the project by the investor and the founders due to the unique natural conditions, thermal waters, and microclimate. As it is known, Makhinjauri is hypsometrically located at 15-100 meters above sea level, the microclimate and subterm-mineral water used by the locals in the early twentieth century to treat various diseases. The area of ​​the multifunctional complex will be cultivated on 15,000 sq.m., most of which will be dedicated directly to the recreation area and landscaping.

Most importantly, by buying an apartment in the Mziuri Gardens”, you will not only get a cozy and quality accommodation, but also investment as a reasonable amount of money that can be a source of income. The expected annual average load of the complex reaches 60-70%, which will allow you to repay the invested funds within 3 to 5 years. If you wish, the company is ready to rent an apartment for the residents.

All the services necessary for modern life will be gathered in the” Mziuri Gardens" complex. In particular, food facilities, spa center, fitness, areas adapted for children, private parking, recreation, well-equipped, private beach, basketball court, outdoor and indoor pools. In addition, all floors and the entire space of the building in “Mziuri Gardens" will be fully adapted for people with disabilities.

In addition, residents of the complex will have exclusive access to the infrastructure and services of the 5-star hotel "CROWNE PLAZA". In particular, the project includes two 15-story and one 17-story buildings, one of which will house the hotel "CROWNE PLAZA".

The project is especially attractive for the healthy environment - the 12,000 square meters recreational area within the “Mziuri Gardens” residential complex, with a mixture of mountain and sea air, creates a unique microclimate and an ideal environment for quality living and relaxing. Other endemic plants have been decorating the area for years.

"Mziuri Gardens" is located just 6 kilometers from the center of Batumi, and 2 kilometers from the Botanical Garden. Thanks to the unique location, beautiful panoramic sea views can be seen from all the windows of the multifunctional residence.

It should be noted that the "Mziuri Gardens" will provide a safe and secure environment for residents. The complex will have a diverse environment for children - a huge yard with hammocks, poufs, pillows, and soft furniture. Chessboard, a mini-aqua park, and various services for children's activities are also planned.

The multifunctional complex also offers customers the following services: private beach, 4 different types of restaurants, conference hall, services such as concierge, transportation, babysitter, animators, doctor, complex care, etc.

As for the future plans, the development of the direction of the balneological resort and the hotel "CROWNE PLAZA" for the company is the main goal in order to develop medical tourism in Georgia and attract tourists from all over the world. At this stage, the construction of the black frame of the complex has been completed and the paving works are underway, and the project will be completed in June 2022. Prospective owners can take advantage of internal interest-free installments, as the adjusted payment schedule also applies to them in this regard.


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