47% of NDI respondents say they wouldn't get vaccinated against coronavirus, 35% would get vaccinated

According to NDI survey, 47% of respondents would not get vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine, while 35% would get vaccinated. 7% of respondents say they have already been vaccinated, while 11% say they do not know.

When asked why they would not get vaccinated, 47% of respondents said they did not trust the quality of the coronavirus vaccine, 20% said they could not be vaccinated for health issues, 13% said they could handle the coronavirus pandemic without vaccination, and 7% said they wouldn't because vaccination has alternative goals, 2% say they are generally against vaccination.

When asked if they know how to register for the online coronavirus vaccination platform, 42% of respondents said they knew, while 56% said they did not know.

When asked, taking everything into account, how the coronavirus vaccination process is going, 45% of respondents say the process is going badly, 37% think it is going well, and 18% say they do not know.

According to the NDI, the results reflect data collected between July 13-25, through telephone interviews with a nationwide representative sample of Georgia’s adult population, excluding occupied territories, that included 2,016 completed interviews. The average margin of error is +/- 1.3 percent. Respondents were selected using the random-digit-dial method.

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