According to Giga Bokeria, on the basis of a broad consensus, a so-called technical, interim Government should be formed and free elections should be called

According to the chairman of European Georgia, Giga Bokeria, in the current situation, it is logical and expedient that the civil protest be led by active citizens without party affiliation. As Giga Bokeria states, it is also possible, with the participation of these figures, based on a broad consensus a so-called technical, interim Government to be formed which will be instructed to call for free elections after a big protest shakes Ivanishvili's regime.

According to Bokeria, governing the country, exercising power and transforming the state can only be done by a Government with a mandate of voters as a result of free elections, i.e. a team approved by the Parliament elected as a result of democratic elections.

According to him, the idea of ​​any group appointing itself as a Government is not serious and is harmful. According to Bokeria, this is against the basis of liberal democracy and will not contribute to the expansion of the protest movement.

"Any group of citizens who have a healthy ambition to run the country will have to gain the support of voters - to become a political party / unit and convince the people that the country needs their vision and skills. Most importantly, we, the Georgian society, must first create the situation for the Ivanishvili regime to accept the inevitable relinquishment of power. All parties and active civic groups should serve this task. European­ Georgia is focused on this and is expanding the number of citizens who are ready to make Ivanishvili relinquish power through stubborn protest," Giga Bokeria said.

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