CEO of Combined Ratio Solutions: The guidance and approach of Enterprise Georgia's team shaped the way we expanded in Georgia and I am extremely confident we have a successful operation

According to Enterprise Georgia, with the assistance of Invest in Georgia another American IT company - Combined Ratio Solutions, started operating in Georgia.

"As we looked to expand our operations into Georgia, we were very lucky to be connected with the team from Enterprise Georgia. From our very first experiences all the way though having a fully operational organization in Georgia, the Enterprise Georgia team was incredibly helpful and effective. Their guidance and approach shaped the way we expanded in Georgia and I am extremely confident we have a successful operation," CEO Michael Jones stated.

According to the information, supported by Enterprise Georgia's investment department, the management team of the American company visited Georgia this year to assess the country's investment potential and business climate, and also to meet with various private and government organizations.

"Following the aforementioned visit and as a result of the intensive work, the company made the final decision to expand in Georgia. Combined Ratio Solutions is an information technology company that specializes in providing IT services to clients in the insurance industry. Combined Ratio Solutions employs more than 200 people, and according to the company's CEO, Mikes Jones, the number of employees in Georgia will exceed 80 by the end of the year," reads the statement.

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