Part of the opposition left the Tbilisi City Council session in a protest

Part of the opposition left the Tbilisi City Council session in a protest. Deputies made the decision after the Chairman of the City Council, Giorgi Tkemaladze, stopped the statements part and moved on to discuss the issues included in the agenda.

According to the opposition MPs, the Chairman of the Council restricted their right to speech and expression. Giorgi Tkemaladze apologized to all those MPs who were not allowed to speak during the session. According to him, he stopped the statements part due to the controversy that followed the discussion of the tragedy in Vake Park. At today's session of the City Council, the situation became tense several times. The opposition expressed dissatisfaction because Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze did not come to the Council and did not answer their questions about the tragedy.

The representatives of the majority said that the opposition is trying to politicize the tragedy in Vake Park and is speculating on the issue.

For the record, on October 13, three children were electrocuted in the newly rehabilitated fountain in Vake Park. One of them, 13-year-old Marita Meparishvili, died.

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