Suburban Lisi - Colliers' second residential project to be developed in the tranquil surroundings of Lisi Lake

Colliers has commenced the development of their second residential complex near the scenic Lisi Lake. This sprawling 7-hectare plot of land, located on the outskirts of the urban area, was chosen for its exceptional location - panoramic views of Tbilisi and its proximity to a popular recreational area. Given its location near several schools and a premium low-density housing project, Suburban Lisi can be considered the central part of the Lisi area. The complex is situated a mere 800 meters away from Lisi Lake, which adds significant value to the property.

Regarding the project, the primary concept of the brand Suburban remains unchanged - to establish a fresh urban community where everything is arranged in an optimal manner. The innovative, well-planned approach ensures that all essential urban amenities are provided, with complete infrastructure such as electricity, water, sewage, asphalt roads, and street division in place. The project is also focused on promoting socialization, with two main components that include a multifunctional sports area and a tennis court. The architectural design and visual identity of the complex, much like the first project, will not be chaotic. The initial guidelines integrated into the project allow builders to incorporate their personal building preferences into their homes, giving each building a unique appearance that doesn't conform to a single style.

Suburban Lisi is set to be completed in 2024, combining a sprawling 60 hectares of land with an impressive recreational area spanning 9,300 square meters. Pre-sales of the land plots have already commenced, with eager buyers keen to secure their slice of this development.

It's worth noting that this is the second residential project powered by Colliers, following the successful progress of the first project, Suburban Saguramo. With construction moving ahead at a brisk pace, the first residents of Suburban Saguramo are expected to start building their homes in the summer season of 2023. | +99577 308 989 |


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