Ana Natsvlishvili: The government is in a panic because it found out that free and steadfast people live in the country - they decided to stop them by detours

The government is in a panic because it found out that independent, free, steadfast people live in this country - the more repression they bring, the more response they will receive from the society, Lelo MP Ana Natsvlishvili told reporters before the meeting with representatives of non-governmental organizations and lawyers.

According to Natsvlishvili, today they meet those lawyers who defend citizens in cases related to rallies.

"The government has decided to stop these people by detours. I want to tell them that there are too many of these people and the more repression the government shows, the more people will return to them. Against this backdrop, we will be closely monitoring all cases and trends, including how the judiciary will respond to these cases. We will use every opportunity to make the punishment measures as light as possible for the citizens," Natsvlishvili said.

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