Levan Khabeishvili to Kaladze: I am ready to come to the next session of the City Council and ask you questions that concern the people of Tbilisi, answer the people if you have the courage - come Kakhi, are you a cool guy? Come and destroy the opposition

Chairman of the "National Movement" Levan Khabeishvili offers the mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze, to attend the next session of the City Council and answer questions.

According to Levan Khabeishvili, he will ask the mayor of the capital all the questions that the citizens are interested in."As if the people of Tbilisi don't have traffic jams, people actually spend one day out of ten in traffic jams under the corrupt ruler of Kaladze, and now the capital city has been literally destroyed, it cannot complete any project within the time frame it promises to the population, and moreover, in some cases, it cannot complete the projects at all. Regarding Tsereteli, everyone should know very well once again that this tender was won by the father of the Gardabani City Council member, the father of the "Georgian Dream" City Council member, and then they say that it turns out that corruption has nothing to do with it, and it turned out by chance that this company is a donor to "Georgian Dream". Obviously, we all know that this is a corrupt deal, and now that the Gardabani City Council member's contract was terminated, an additional 17 million GEL contract was signed with Bera's brother. Kaladze earned money, now Bera and his brothers must earn money.I would like to remind the public of the projects that Kaladze started and failed to finish - Maglivi - Bugebi Bridge, which was supposed to be completed in 2023, but now it is 2024 and the project is not finished, and I remind you that this was also won by a person close to Bidzina Ivanishvili, who at one time worked for the improvement service of the City Hall. He was the chief.

Also, Kaladze promised Tsalkot to the residents of the Digomi swamps, paid hundreds of thousands of GEL, among them filmed clips and said, "Where is this Tsalkot?" The so-called "drabilkas" are working and the place has been turned into a garbage dump. Regarding the Vake Park, everyone knows very well that Kaladze came, opened it, called the residents to come, posed and then sacrificed a child to his work, his corruption and his criminal money.Another promise of liar Kaladze was to build a subway from Zemo Samgori to Lilo, but has anyone seen this subway? - In 2017, the ceiling fell in Varketili, at all government meetings, Kaladze punches that "I will finish the ceiling of the Varketili metro now", "I will do it now", hundreds of thousands of GEL were allocated, sometimes for the tender, sometimes for the project, it is 2024 and there is still no ceiling in the Varketili metro.

Scammer, liar Kaladze promised the residents that they would have multi-storey parking lots, hundreds of thousands of GEL were spent on this project, and have you seen anyone with above-ground or underground multi-storey parking lots? - Obviously, there is nothing like that.You all know that Metro Gotsiridze actually worked for 3 years.

Now, before I started the briefing, we were informed that in addition to the mud and dust on Tsereteli, they have now cut off the gas and Kaladze is not interested in this, the main thing is that he is warm, moreover, if we notice this, it turns out to be our fault.

I want to [address] Kaladze, who is distinguished by high political responsibility, as if he sits with his followers at the government session, Kakhi will be at the next session of the Sakrebulo in a few days. The most important thing is the questions we have. I am going to come to the meeting of the Sakrebulo and if you are right, the majority in that Sakrebulo is yours, do you want to bring Bera, do you want the employees of your PR service, in which you spend 5-10 million people's money, bring your brothers, your Zonders, ready I am here to ask you the questions that concern the people of Tbilisi - starting with traffic jams, continuing with infrastructure problems, and give the people an answer. Come on Kakhi, are you a cool boy? Well, come and destroy the opposition.

If you have courage, I will come to the next session of the City Council for one thing only - to ask you the questions that the people of Tbilisi have, and everyone should understand that this is the last year when the Russian party rules the country, Tbilisi. In 2024, the Russian party will be defeated, and in addition to the implementation of these failed projects, many important projects will be implemented," said Levan Khabeishvili.

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