Initiation of draft law "On Transparency of Foreign Influence" causes debate at Bureau session

The process of initiation of the draft law "On Transparency of Foreign Influence" is taking place amidst debate at the session of the Bureau of the Parliament.

According to Ana Natsvlishvili, one of the leaders of Lelo party, registration of the said bill by the Bureau is an act against the interests of Georgia and a betrayal. She criticized the note in the explanatory card, which states that the draft law does not contradict EU law and does not contradict Georgia's obligations related to membership in international organizations.

Eka Sepashvili, a member of the parliamentary majority, confronted her verbally and accused Ana Natsvlishvili of spreading lies and disinformation at the Bureau session.

"They spread lies, they speak lies, why are you spreading misinformation?" Sepashvili addressed Ana Natsvlishvili with these words.

According to Natsvlishvili, the person who spread disinformation was silenced by Facebook.

"I would like to express my position regarding the draft law initiated by Georgian Dream, which has already failed once in this parliament. I have an explanatory card in my hand, I believe that even registering this draft law in the Parliament of Georgia is an action against the interests of Georgia. This explanation card says lies - I will read a few lies. It is written here that this draft law does not conflict with EU law and does not conflict with Georgia's obligations related to membership in international organizations. This is misinformation! I have in my hands a decision of the European Court of Human Rights regarding exactly such a law that was passed in Russia, in respect of which the European Court of Human Rights gave a verdict and said that this law is against European values and it is Russian. Also, I have in my hand the decision of the Luxembourg court, which annulled exactly such law of Orbán. Lies are written here, this is not a law that corresponds to the interests of Georgia. Even if the Bureau registers this law based on lies, it is a betrayal of the country's constitution and the European future. You are busy with disinformation, and that's why Facebook silenced you, precisely based on the European convention! The anti-European Russian law should not be registered in this country!" said Natsvlishvili.

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