Ana Dolidze calls today’s session of High Council of Justice “an arbitration against her and Nazi Janezashvili

The High Council of Justice has conduct an arbitration against me and Nazi Janezashvili, - Ana Dolidze, a non-judge member of the Supreme Council of Justice, said when commenting on the extended meeting of the Council held in the Tbilisi City Court today.

At the meeting, judges demanded explanations from the two non-judge members of the Council - Nazi Janezashvili and Ana Dolidze about why they supported the draft law on the suspension of the appointment of judges for life tenure.

According to Ana Dolidze, the attitude of the judges clearly showed that the purpose of the meeting was to organize another arbitration against her and Nazi Janezashvili.

She said both of them were accustomed to "micro-attacks" by the Council members.

"Today we saw the attempt of the High Council of Justice to organize an arbitration against me and Nazi Janezashvili at the expense of abolishing judicial sessions across the country, at the expense of largest state resources. We saw personal attacks against me and Nazi. This attempt is the best proof that our judiciary really needs fast and serious changes," said Ana Dolidze.