Ruling party lawmakers claim there is serious problem of shortage of judges in Supreme Court

The discussion of the draft law on selection of the Supreme Court judges must not be delayed due to the shortage of judges in the Supreme Court, according to the "Georgian Dream" lawmakers.

MP Davit Matikashvili said at the sitting of the Legal Issues Committee today that the Supreme Court fails to issue judgments due to the shortage of judges.

“We will discuss the conclusion of the Venice Commission and will reflect it in the law as we promised the society. The decision is made at the plenary sitting, at the session hall,” MP Davit Matikashvili said.

Another ruling party lawmaker Mamuka Mdnaradze said that just 7 judges remain in the Supreme Court.

The Parliament’s Legal Issues Committee is discussing the draft law on selection of Supreme Court judges with its second hearing, while the opposition and the NGO sector are objecting to the discussion and call on the ruling party lawmakers to withdraw the amendments to the Law on Common Courts from the agenda and to wait for the recommendations and objections of the Venice Commission.