Majority lawmaker lays responsibility on Interior Minister for June 20-12 developments

MP Bidzina Gegidze, member of the parliamentary majority, lays responsibility on Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia for June 20-12 developments and says that if he were the Interior Minister he would leave the post.

Bidzina Gegidze said at the plenary sitting of the Parliament on Tuesday that it was possible to avoid the outcomes of June 20-12 developments.

“There was a destructive attempt, the calls, which contradict state interests, constitution and etc. But despite this, my principle is to evaluate everything according to the results. The outcome that we've got, we've got people who have been maimed forever, I think it was possible to avoid these results. Therefore, it is unacceptable to me to look for the causes of these results in the lower echelons of police. The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for the outcome we received. If I were him, I would resign and I would like to reiterate that the ruling team delays to make decisions,” Bidzina Gegidze said.

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