Kibar Khalvashi releases another statement

Rustavi 2 owner Kibar Khalvashi has released a statement, responding to the recent developments in the TV company.

“These developments are yet another proof that Saakashvili and Gvaralia were purposefully destroying the company. After the financial collapse of television, Gvaramia switched to channel staff and started an unprecedented psychological attack and bulleting against them. The public knows it well that we have suggested those journalists who worked for Rustavi 2 that we would not interfere with the editorial policy…Although some people were fired from the channel for specific reasons, some employees perceived it as an attempt to interfere with editorial policy,” Kibar Khalvashi writes.

He also stated that former director general Nika Gvaramia, news producer Giorgi Laperashvili, host of a political talk show Giorgi Gabunia, head of news service Nodar Meladze and former employer Zaal Udumashvili were receiving additional financial benefits from the management.

“I would like to clearly say that I will do everything to save Rustavi 2, in order to rehabilitate them channel and return news program “Kurieri” that will attract a big audience. Unfortunately, many journalists made an emotional decision yesterday, which I hope will soon be changed when they are convinced that Rustavi 2 is not betraying its old tradition and it is as critical, fearless and independent as it was years ago, until it appeared under the political pressure. I will inform you about the positive news in the coming days! " Kibar Khalvash said.

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