MIA : The situation is fully under control in Lentekhi municipality

Based on the decision of the Interagency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia, due to high epidemiological risks, enforcement of the strict quarantine restrictions in Lentekhi municipality is being enforced by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in a round-the-clock regime.

As the Interior Ministry said, police units ensure the implementation of the imposed quarantine regulations and public order in Lentekhi municipality.

At this moment, the current situation in the municipality is calm. Without any incidents overnight, the situation is fully under control.

Terms of quarantine also include restriction of the movement of local population inside and outside the administrative borders of Lentekhi. The movement of citizens is strictly monitored at the police checkpoints by the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and representatives of the Ministry of Defense. Citizens will also undergo initial thermal screening at the site.

The employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will provide locals with comprehensive information regarding quarantine restrictions and provide assistance in case if needed.

All persons on the territory of Georgia must follow requirements of the Georgian legislation on public health.

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