Ecomart – an online store offering a variety of natural and eco-friendly products – is open for business

From now on, customers will be able to buy natural products through the online shopping portal at and will receive free shipping on all orders placed within a month from now to any location in Tbilisi. The store, created with an environmentally-friendly concept, combines high quality and ecologically sound products, with emphasis on eco-diversity. Ecomart is joining the online shopping arena with great plans and is initially offering its customers food products and supplements, beverages, plant and animal care products, medicinal plants, natural self-care products and eco-friendly items. With its constantly growing range of products, the addition of seasonal products and special offers, the eco-friendly online store intends to pamper its customers.

Ecomart’s aim is to promote environmentally friendly production in Georgia. Most of the companies presented in the online store meet organic standards and many of them have a certificate of approval. Ecomart is a consumer-trusted trading space with proven high-quality products for sale. is owned by the Elkana Association of Biological Sciences and the project sponsored by ProCredit Bank. It is important to note that along with its mission to develop Georgian businesses, the German bank has prioritised environmental protection in its strategy for years, and the main activity of the Elkana Association is to promote and support organic farming.

Only choose items that are natural and useful for you and good for the environment!


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