Parliament adopts a law which makes it mandatory to wear masks in indoor public spaces

The Parliament eventually adopted the law about mask-wearing rule by 76 votes after the 3rd hearing.

The change will be made in the Administrative Offences Code of Georgia. According to the change, if a person doesn't wear a mask in indoor public space during the pandemic or/and epidemic, s/he will get 20 Lari fine. As for the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that allow people to access their private indoor space without masks, they will be fined 500 Lari.

In addition, the mask-wearing rule becomes mandatory while traveling by public transport and as well as taxi. Otherwise, the infringers, whether it is a driver or a passenger, will be fined 20 Lari.

The specifications for the mandatory masks will be defined in a more concrete manner by the government or a corresponding ministry.

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