Gazelle Finance invests in Saniore Winemaking, the largest vineyard owner in the Napareuli appellation of the Kakheti region in the country of Georgia

Gazelle Fund LP continues to invest in Georgian SMEs with high growth potential. The Fund has recently invested $2,200,000 in Saniore Winemaking, a wine production facility with one of the largest vineyard acreages under ownership in Georgia. These vineyards are located in the famed Kakheti region, centered around the famed Napareuli appellation, near the Alazani, Lopota, and Stori rivers, with a special local micro-climate, well known for its local indigenous grapes, especially Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. Saniore Winemaking exports its wine under the brand Sanavardo.

Despite the global downturn Gazelle Finance continues to invest in strategically important business opportunities that are a priority for the development of the country of Georgia and generate hard currency. This investment strengthens the agricultural and export sectors, and specifically the Georgian winemaking industry. It will also contribute to regional development since it will create additional high skilled jobs in the local wine appellations.

“Saniore Winemaking has significant untapped vineyard and production capacity, and we believe that by leveraging the partnership with Gazelle Finance the company is well positioned to become one of the leading exporters of wine from Georgia”, said the CEO of Gazelle Finance, Jeffrey Liebert. “Also, we are very excited to support this generational shift in Georgia, in which a new cohort of young entrepreneurs like Giorgi and Nodar are bringing a whole new dynamism and business acumen to a family owned business.”

Georgia with over 8,000 years of winemaking history is known as being the cradle of winemaking. Wine-producing is a strategically important agribusiness sector for Georgia because it’s both a high value add product and generates hard currency inflows. Not only have Georgian wine exports been growing at an average rate of 20% over the past 10 years, but winemaking traditions and culture are an important draw for tourists, especially the region of Kakheti, which is known for its endemic species of grapes and world class wine chateaus.

“Saniore Winemaking boasts the largest acreage of grape vineyards under cultivation in the Napereuli appellation with some of our vineyards dating back over hundreds of years,” said Saniore Winemaking CEO Nodar Jinchveladze. “This partnership with Gazelle Finance positions us to rapidly scale our production facilities, so that we can build a world class export platform for our brands.”

Gazelle Finance

Gazelle Finance ( is an investment manager that targets growth-capital investments in small and medium enterprises (SME) in the Eurasia region. Gazelle Finance addresses the barriers to SME financing by offering a "mezzanine"-like investment product that is self-liquidating. This approach addresses the constraints of market illiquidity that is typical of many emerging and frontier markets, while providing a combination of patient risk capital and the know-how of a strategic investment partner to allow SMEs to rapidly develop and grow their businesses.

Saniore Winemaking

Established in 2020, Saniore Winemaking ( is a wine producer with 65 hectares (161 acres) of its own vineyards and has the following grape varietals under cultivation: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Shiraz and Cabernet. Saniore Winemaking produces all its wine in enamel/stainless steel tanks. Saniore Winemaking is located in the Napareuli micro zone and produces premium quality wines made from its vineyard. Saniore Winemaking sells its wine using the brand name “Sanavardo”.


Gazelle Finance

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Saniore Winemaking

Village Saniore, Napareuli region

Tel: (+ 995) 595494641


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