Governments offers remote work possibilities to foreign citizens

As part of the process of gradual opening up of the country, the Coordinating Council has taken a decision to set up a special entry regime for foreign citizens.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the project was initiated by Prime Minister and drafted by the Ministry of Economy and National Tourism Administration. The project is aimed at foreign freelancers; who work remotely; or can manage their businesses from every part of the world.

As the Economy Minister, Natia Turnava states, the Georgian government by way of exception will allow the entry of every foreign citizen who plans to live in Georgia for more than 6 months.

"We're inviting this targeted audience in Georgia and offering them to live in our country. Georgia has an image of a safe country in terms of epidemiological standpoint and we want to use this chance. We're talking about opening the border in a manner which will let us protect the health of our citizens and on the other hand, let every foreign citizen who falls in this category to enter Georgia", - stated Turnava.

Turnava also noted that a special platform for applications has been set up for those who want to stay in Georgia for a long time.

According to the initiative, long-term visitors from all three categories are obliged to fill in the mandatory travel application and get an entry approval in advance. The applicant should provide personal data, information about employer, preliminary agreement on 14-day quarantine, etc. The Minister also states that the long-term visitors will go through the 14-day quarantine with their expenses with commercial rates. The holding of 6-month travel insurance is also being considered.

As Turnava stressed, the initiative got positive feedback from the tourism industry.

"Those people will live in Georgia for a long time meaning that we will also be helping the apartment renting business which bore big losses due to pandemic, also hotel sector and restaurant business and etc. The project will help tourist companies, the demand for guides and transportation because the long-term visitors will afford spending", - stated Turnava.

"We'll present our project for public discussion soon in order for the targeted groups to have information and start filling the application in order to travel and manage their businesses from Georgia", - added the Economy Minister.

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