EaP Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform members address European Commission President

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform members address European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The memebrs of the Georgian National Platform urge the President and the EC to take a vital step towards peaceful, democratic and stable present and future of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova and to support granting EU candidate status to all three countries of the Associated Trio.

"The unjustified and ruthless war waged by Russia in Ukraine has once again convinced our society of the correctness of the will repeatedly expressed by the Georgian people to choose the European path. The European aspirations and European choice of Georgians imply not only democracy and the rule of law, prosperity and social justice, healthy environment and gender equality, but also peaceful coexistence with civil societies or the democratic world.

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, three Eastern European countries, which have simultaneously applied for European Union membership, are being punished by the Russian authorities for theiraspiration for civilization and freedom. The punishment involves annexation of territories, militarycoups, brazen military interventions, using economic or energy weapons. Russia believes that the former Soviet republics must be constantly under its influence. Moreover, Russian President Putinquestions Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Despite many obstacles or various mistakes, the aforementioned three countries have achieved agreat success through significant reforms. The impetus for these people is that they strongly believethat they are European nations and that their place is in Europe.

Therefore, we, the representatives of the civil society, civil society organizations (CSOs) - members of the Georgian National Platform, urge you and the European Commission as a whole to take a vital step towards our peaceful, democratic and stable present and future and to support granting EU candidate status to all three countries of the Associated Trio, that will give great hope to our people and serve as a new and powerful impetus for their development," reads the address.

The signatories of the letter are: 1. European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi 2. The Greens Movement of Georgia 3. Journalism Resource Center 4. The Association of Business Consulting Organizations of Georgia 5. Imereti Union of Science – “SPECTRI” 6. Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of Generations” 7. Samtskhe-Javakheti Regional Association “Toleranti” 8. Local Democracy Agency Georgia 9. Georgian Trade Union Confederation 10. NGO Coalition 11. Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies 12. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy 13. Human Rights Centre 14. EU-Georgia Business Council 15. Civil society institute 16. Youth Alternative 17. United Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” 18. Caucasus Environmental NGO network 19. Foundation ”Multi- Ethnic Resource Centre on Civic Education Development” 20. International Center of Geopolitical research 21. Junior achievement of Georgia 22. Foundation “Caucasus Environment” 23. Levan Mikeladze Foundation 24. The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia 25. Women’s Political Resource Center 26. Biological Farming Association “Elkana” 27. Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture, Violence and Pronounced Stress Impact – EMPATHY 28. Human Rights Research centre 29. International Center for Environmental Research 30. International Center for Advancement of Research, Technology & Innovation 31. Association “MERKURI 32. International Center for Democratic Initiatives 33. Women Enterprise” Fund Georgia 34. Georgian Institute of Politics 35. Community Foundation GENIUS LOCI 36. Institute for Euro-Atlantic integration and strategic studies 37. Rights Georgia 38. Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia 39. Thomas Jefferson Research Centre 40. People’s Harmonious Development Society 41. Student Youth Council 42. Electronic Governance for Georgia 43. Association DEA for Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children 44. Institute for the study of nationalism and conflict 45. Georgian National Committee of International Council On Monuments and Sites ICOMOS Georgia 46. World Experience for Georgia 47. Penal Reform International 48. New Generation for Democratic Georgia 49. Association “Green Alternative” 50. International Organization of Human Rights protection and Prisoners social welfare 51. Teachers’ Union “Education and Universe” 52. Association for the Farmers’ Rights Defence 53. Community Development Academy 54. Georgia International Development Agency 55. “School-Family-Society” Association 56. Civil Society Development Institute 57. Association and Radio “Green Wave” 58. Journalism Research Centre 59. Peaceful and Business Caucasus 60. Cultural-Humanitarian Fund “Sukhumi” 61. Youth Association “Droni” 62. HERA XXI 63. International Society “Caucasian Mosaic”.

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