The body of a tourist who was hit by mudflow was found in Pshavi

The body of a tourist who was hit by mudflow was found in Pshavi. The information is spread by the Emergency Management Service.

"The Public Safety Management Center "112" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received information that in Pshavi, a mudflow from the mountain caused a foreign citizen on a motorcycle to fall into a river and disappear.

The Emergency Management Agency started the relevant search of the missing man as soon as the notification was received. Groups of the Fire and Rescue Department working in the disaster zone were involved in the process as soon as possible, which, despite the difficult terrain and the outflowing river, inspected the water surface and the shoreline of the Aragvi River.

As part of the search-and-rescue measures of the foreign citizen, the employees of the service found the body of a man," the statement reads.

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