Giorgi Vashadze: The resumption of flights has a political price and it is interesting what political price Georgian Dream pays for this

The ping-pong game played by Kobakhidze and Lavrov, i.e., Ivanishvili and Putin through their henchmen, is a crime - when Russia imposed sanctions on us during non-military actions and today lifts them, it means that something else is happening. What is happening?! - A deal, - Giorgi Vashadze, Chairman of Strategy Builder, told journalists.

According to him, the resumption of flights has a political price and "it is interesting what political price Georgian Dream pays".

Vashadze believes that if Georgia is a partner in the deal with Russia, it will lose the chance to get candidate status, which, according to him, is in the interest of Georgian Dre­am.

"I consider this ping-pong, which Kobakhidze and Lavrov are playing with each other, i.e. Ivanishvili and Putin through their henchmen, is a crime against the national interests of Georgia. For Russia, the issue of flights and things like that have always been a political weapon. We remember this well from the era of Shevardnadze, in 2001, when Russia introduced a visa regime with Georgia. Russia is not talking about resuming flights because it fell in love with Georgia, but because it wants to realize its evil plans. What is the price of resuming flights, this is very important, as we will have to pay this price. Russia will try to bait us, as if it is possible to achieve progress on the issue of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region, let's read all the details that we went through during the 30 years of independence and we will see that their actions are exactly the same. Resuming the flights has a political price, what political price does Georgian Dre­am pay?! Russia imposed sanctions on us while there were no hostilities, and today they lift those sanctions, that means something else is happening? What is happening? - A deal, and if Georgia is a participant in this, it will lose the prospect of receiving the candidate status. That’s why Russia, Kobakhidze and Ivanishvili want to resume these flights, so that we receive the final refusal," Vashadze said.

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