There is tension in the Parliament near Shalva Papuashvili's cabinet - opposition MPs demand a meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament

There is tension and verbal confrontation in the Parliament, near the cabinet of the Chairman of the legislative body, Shalva Papuashvili.

In particular, opposition MPs Khatuna Samnidze, Ana Natsvlishvili and Salome Samadashvili demand a meeting with Papuashvili.

They say that the participants of the rally near the Parliament are being raided, and they want to meet the Chairman of the Parliament on this issue.

The security guards did not allow the opposition MPs to enter Papuashvili's cabinet, which resulted in a physical altercation.

"I am addressing the defender of the regulations - according to the regulations, deputies have the right to request a meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament, and he must do so immediately. I wonder where he is and what he is doing, don't break the rules, come out. Don't be afraid of us, we won't eat you," said Ana Natsvlishvili.

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