NGOs call on Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding against whom the administrative proceedings are still ongoing

Non-governmental organizations address the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office and the Special Investigation Service regarding the persons detained at the rallies, against whom the administrative proceedings are still ongoing.

"According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all persons detained administratively during the rally have been released from the temporary isolation cell. Their release from the administrative detention does not mean the termination of administrative proceedings. Accordingly, despite their release from detention, the administrative proceedings against them are still ongoing.

During the protests held on March 2-3 and March 7-9, 2023, the police arrested a total of 169 people in an administrative manner.

We call on:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs - to stop administrative proceedings against all persons arrested during the rally, whose cases have not been reviewed by the court;

The Prosecutor's Office - to use the possibility of appealing with a protest under law, in order to cancel the resolutions adopted by the court on fines;

The Special Investigation Service - to ensure a complete and objective investigation of the use of disproportionate force by law enforcement officers, arbitrary arrests, violence against detainees, etc.

Signatory organizations:

Georgian Young Lawyers Association

Transparency International-Georgia

Human Rights Center

Georgian Democracy Initiative

Women's Initiatives Supporting Group

Fair Elections (ISFED)

Rights Georgia

Open Society Georgia Foundation

Partnership for Human Rights.

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