Central Election Commission starts working meetings with media representatives in a new format

In order to provide information to media representatives and strengthen communication with them, the election administration is starting working meetings in a new format.

According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), the first working meeting with media representatives was held today.

"Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Giorgi Kalandarishvili spoke about the importance of cooperation with the media and the role of the media in the process of correctly informing the public. The Chairman of the CEC informed the media representatives in detail about the preparation process for the midterm elections to be held on April 29. As Giorgi Kalandarishvili noted, this year the CEC will use electronic technologies on a large scale for the first time, and in this direction, raising voters' awareness and informing them is a priority for the election administration. The second part of the meeting was devoted to the issues and discussion related to the introduction of technologies, after which the media representatives took part in a simulated voting using electronic technologies and tested in practice the operation of electronic election technologies - verification, voting and counting machines", - reads the information released by the CEC.

"For the election administration, it is important for the media representatives to be informed about all the news and election procedures that our institution implements for the effective implementation of the election reform. At today's meeting, we shared with them information about the innovations and services that the election administration offers to various involved parties and voters. We heard their opinions. We agreed to continue the meetings within the framework of the new working platform, which will significantly contribute to the deepening of cooperation between the election administration and the media, the exchange of information, their involvement in the election processes and, accordingly, awareness of the public", said the Chairman of the CEC, Giorgi Kalandarishvili.

The meeting held with the media in a new format was attended by Giorgi Sharabidze, Deputy Chairman of the CEC, the press spokesman and the head of the strategic communications department.

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