Kakha Kaladze: The Government is doing its best to fulfill the 12 recommendations of the European Commission, while the opposition has not taken a single step

According to Georgian Dream General Secretary Kakha Kaladze, the Government gave its consent to the visit of President Salome Zurabishvili to Brussels.

As he told journalists, the Government, unlike the opposition, is doing everything to fulfill the 12 recommendations of the European Commission.

"The Government gave its consent regarding the mentioned visit.

As for the 12 recommendations, the Georgian Government is doing its best to implement all twelve recommendations and this process will be completed by the end of June. The opposition has not taken a single step to implement these recommendations, on the contrary, these people are doing everything to somehow hinder the mentioned process. I don't want anyone to think that this is an obstacle to the Georgian Dream, these are steps taken against this country. There are steps taken to prevent the country from getting the status. Not only here, they are running abroad as well, as it was during the signing of the association agreement, as it was during the visa-free decision, they were running and trying to prevent the said decision from being made in favor of Georgia. Today, these people continue to fight against our country, our people, the European future of this country and try to prevent Georgia from getting the status", said Kaladze.

He refrained from evaluating the President's critical statements yesterday. He is sure that the President's visit to Brussels will be used to support Georgia.

"I am sure that the tribune will be used to get support for Georgia's status. Regarding the President, I already made a statement yesterday that I don't want to get into polemics again and again based on the interests of our country, and of course, I am careful about the institution of the president," Kaladze said.

For information, Salome Zurabishvili will address the European Parliament in Brussels on May 31.

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