Irakli Gharibashvili: We have made a decision to introduce a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens

We made a decision to introduce a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens, Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili announced this before the start of the governmental session.

According to the Prime Minister, one of the main interests is the arrival of more tourists and economic investments.

"Tourism is very important for us. Last year we received 3 billion 500 million dollars of direct income from tourism. This year we expect more. We are working in other markets, we want to attract more tourists to the country. You know I had a very successful visit to China, which today is the second economy in the world, the strongest economy. One of our main interests is to strengthen trade and economic relations with China, to attract more investments from China, as well as to attract more tourists, to bring them to Georgia. My visit served this purpose and, in general, strategic cooperation. The main component will be strengthening of trade-economic relations.

We made a decision to introduce a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens. We will issue a corresponding decree. Of course, it is important more tourists to come to Georgia.

I want to say that Chinese tourists are considered one of the most desirable tourists in the world, everywhere in Europe, the USA. We also have direct flights, I had a conversation with the Chinese Prime Minister about tourism and flights.

I would like to point out the effectiveness of the Chinese government and system. A delegation from China arrived just 2-3 days after my meeting with the Prime Minister. We want to add more flights, direct flights with China, we want more tourists to come not only from China, but also from other countries. As many tourists as possible must see our amazing country, people. I believe that all this is being done for the benefit of our people," the Prime Minister said.

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