According to locals, Tamaz Ginturi, who was killed by the occupiers, was shot in the back and his car was riddled with bullets

Tamaz Ginturi, who was killed by the occupiers, was shot in the back, and his car was riddled with bullets. Local Lamara Papinashvili told IPN about this in the village of Kirbali.

"They say that Tamaz Gintur was hit by two bullets, both bullets in the back. He had a car that was completely riddled with bullets by the occupants.

As they say, there were nine occupants and they rolled down Tamazi's car themselves," said the local.

In the village of Kirbali, near the lower perimeter of the Lomisi church, where Tamaz Ginturi's car is parked, law enforcement officers are conducting investigative activities.

As for the incident itself, according to relatives, Tamaz Ginturi and Levan Dotiashvili were going to the Lomisi church to light candles, when the representatives of the Russian occupation forces opened fire. As a result, Tamaz Ginturi was killed, and Levan Dotiashvili was kidnapped.

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