Salome Samadashvili: "Georgian Dream" has a new phase, it is the deterioration of relations with strategic partners, and Germany is among them

"Georgian Dream" has a new phase, this is the deterioration of relations with strategic partners, and Germany is among them, - one of the leaders of "Lelo", MP Salome Samadashvili said about this in the "PalitraNewss" program on "Political Space".

With this comment, Salome Samadashvili responded to the appeal of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia to Germany and Belgium for the purpose of extraditing the former Minister of Justice of Georgia, Zurab Adeishvili.

According to her, no one believes that the rule of law exists in Georgia, therefore no one believes that any measures should be taken against the persons recognized as criminals by the government of Georgia.

"No one believes that there is an independent judiciary and the rule of law in our country, so we see that for many years, the government's response to persons recognized as criminals is the same. No one believes that appropriate measures should be taken against these people. It is because they know that it is the government that uses the court and law as it needs. Let's not go too far, my fellow party members were also prosecuted and their case was considered by Strasbourg.

"Georgian Dream" did everything to make us lag behind the same Moldova and Ukraine, and it continues to sabotage. It doesn't just mean they don't meet the requirements. They have a new phase, it seems that this is the deterioration of relations with strategic allies, and Germany is among them," said Salome Samadashvili.

In addition, as a "Lelo" deputy, she spoke about the political union "Akhali" in the "PalitraNews" program and noted that she wishes them success, although she does not intend to unite, because the main ally of "Lelo" is the people.

"I wish them success, as I wish success to everyone who fights against the Russian regime that runs our country. As for "Lelo", we consider that our main ally is the Georgian people, therefore we devote our time, energy and resources to talking with the people. At this stage, we are not going to unite with anyone", said Salome Samadashvili.

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