Ilia Darchiashvili: I explained to the vice-president of the European Commission the need for the country to have specific mechanisms that will overcome the challenges in terms of security

Transparency is one of the mechanisms for the country to avoid threats, - said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Ilia Darchiashvili, while speaking about the bill on "Transparency of Foreign Influence".

According to Ilia Darchiashvili, similar needs are being discussed in other countries, including Brussels.

"Accordingly, the issue and problem worries everyone, not only us, but many developed countries. Accordingly, there is a dialogue around this issue and no one denies it. Even the EU itself is working on this issue. I would like to say once again that the European Commission has prepared a specific document, which is a preventive, legal mechanism for dealing with similar challenges, which they will continue to work on in the future. Therefore, it should not be incomprehensible and problematic, because everyone, including us, has these challenges. To overcome these challenges, we have introduced a specific mechanism on which we want partners to consult with us more. On the one hand, we identify the need for specific mechanisms, which, in many cases, we have understanding from our partners, and we want to create specific mechanisms together with them that will protect the country.

We are preparing for 2030, when the European family will be ready to expand. Georgia has many laws to be accepted and many to be repealed when our final membership is on the agenda. Accordingly, we are preparing for it. We want Georgia to be one of the prepared countries in 2030, when, I am sure, the day will come when the issue of expansion will be finally decided. We are sure that by joining this family, not only we will benefit, but we will also benefit this family with our final membership, which is the main goal for us", said Ilia Darchiashvili.

According to Ilia Darchiashvili, during the meeting with the vice-president of the European Commission, they also discussed the draft law "On transparency of foreign influence".

"Besides the most important gathering in which I participate, I also have the opportunity to hold meetings with colleagues. I had a meeting with the vice-president of the commission responsible for the transparency and values portfolio. We certainly talked about the bill. I explained to him the need for the country to have specific mechanisms that will ensure the development of the country and the challenges that the country faces in terms of security. Accordingly, we had a very interesting conversation, we talked, we exchanged arguments. Also, from Mrs. Vice President, I heard the needs, why it became necessary for the European Union itself to start thinking about specific mechanisms to prevent risks in the future. We know that it is the European Commission that has prepared a specific directive, which also talks about challenges, as well as looking for mechanisms. In the future, the discussion will be moved to the Parliament. It was with Mrs. Vice-President that we talked about the needs and arguments, we had a very interesting conversation", said Ilia Darchiashvili.

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