Georgian Dream faction chairman
Mamuka Mdinaradze


Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Law

Professional Experience

Mdinaradze and Partner Lawyers Ltd, Founder, Managing Partner (2015 - 2016)

Georgian Paralympic Foundation, President (2014 - 2016)

Legal Consulting Group Ltd, Lawyer, Head of Criminal Division (2014)

Non-Profit (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity Alliance of Advocates, Chairman (2014 - 2016)

Non-Profit (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity Law Monitoring Center, Founder (2009 - 2014)

Tbilisi Legal Center, Managing Partner, Lawyer (2007 - 2014)

Member of the Georgian Bar Association, Lawyer (2004 -)

Vake-Saburtalo Investigation Service, Investigator (2001 - 2004)

Davit Guramishvili State Pedagogical Institute, Invited Lecturer (1999 - 2006)

Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Intern (1996 - 2001)


Committee on Legal Affairs - Member of the Committee (03-01-2019 - 02-09-2019)

Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration - Member of the Committee (07-02-2017 - 13-03-2017)

Committee on Legal Affairs - Member of the Committee (18-11-2016 - 29-01-2018)

Special Representative of the Prime Minister for Relations with Russia
Zurab Abashidze
Speaker of Parliament of Georgia
Shalva Papuashvili
Public Defender of Georgia
Nino Lomjaria
Mamuka Mdinaradze: It is inconceivable that Georgia should be accused of something it did not commit, it is inconceivable that our country should be sanctioned because of the accused case
Mamuka Mdinaradze: What Canada and France have adopted, what has been working for decades in the United States of America, cannot be Russian in Georgia
Givi Mikanadze: On May 17, around a million people across the country took to streets - the bill, the discussion of which started today, is aimed at protecting the interests of these people
Opposition refuses to participate in consideration of so-called LGBT propaganda legislative package
Parliamentary committees start consideration of legislative package against so-called LGBT propaganda
Mamuka Mdinaradze: Can anyone answer: How can democracy be undermined in Georgia by exactly the same thing that strengthens democracy in the US and France?!
Mamuka Mdinaradze: We have the right to know whether we are the first legislators in the world who were sanctioned for passing a law
Nodar Meladze: Mamuka "Rus" Mdinaradze decided to take revenge on our team in traditional style, with lies
Mamuka Mdinaradze: even the Soviet Union refused to distribute responsibility to family members - the country's independence is not sold for any visa
Mamuka Mdinaradze: Strategic partnership and friendship means that visa-free travel, free economic relations and direct flights are opened without any trade and threats - the demand to give up transparency and independence in return is unacceptable
Mamuka Mdinaradze: Ursula von der Leyen makes foreign interventions the main issue of the election campaign - the question of what is wrong with the "Transparency of Foreign Influence" law is still unanswered
Mamuka Mdinaradze: Many thanks to Salome Zurabishvili, who finally confirmed that there are no comments and arguments against the Transparency Law
Mamuka Mdinaradze: The draft law "On transparency of foreign influence" will be passed in the second reading at today's plenary session, but we are in no hurry! Two or three days - no matter how long it takes
Organized by "Georgian Dream", a public celebration is taking place on Rustaveli Avenue
Mikheil Saakashvili: "Georgian Dream" is holding a rally for the second time, the first one was organized after my arrival, it was very difficult for them and it is still very difficult!
Mamuka Mdinaradze: In my opinion, GYLA should say that yes, the American power sponsored me, and it was in the interest of the American and European power, to file a perfect lawsuit in Strasbourg - there is nothing shameful about that!
There was a verbal confrontation between Levan Khabeishvili and Mamuka Mdinaradze at the meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee
"General public gathering" will be held on Rustaveli Avenue
US Ambassador discusses visa restrictions and future of US-Georgia relations
Estonian Ambassador to Georgia - If we want EU membership, we should all play by the rules - The Georgian Government on the one hand says that they are moving closer to the EU, but their actions do not prove that