Minister of Justice of Georgia
Rati Bregadze


2008 - 2011 - Faculty of Law - PhD, Awarded Doctor of Laws: Doctor of Law (Dr.iur), University of Hamburg;

2006-2007 Faculty of Law - Master's Degree, Awarded Master of Laws (LL.M.), University of Hamburg;

2005-2006 Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Private Law, Hamburg (scientific business trip);

2003 University of Saarland Faculty of Law and Economics (study trip);

2000-2005 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law, Awarded Qualification: Lawyer (equivalent to a Master's degree);

During his studies in Georgia and Germany, he was a scholarship holder of the President, Memed-Abashidze, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation

Work experience

From 2021.04.01 - Minister of Justice of Georgia;

2019-2021 - Ministry of Defense of Georgia, Deputy Minister;

2017-2019 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Director of the Department of Diaspora Relations;

2016 - Office of the State Minister for Diaspora Affairs, Deputy Minister;

2015-2016 - LEPL International Education Center; Deputy Executive Director;

2012-2015 - Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs; Deputy Minister;

2012-2013 - LEPL Children and Youth National Center, Head of the Center;

2011- 2012 - Law firm "Mgaloblishvili, Kipiani, Dzidziguri" (MKD), lawyer, head of the German department

Academic activity

2019 - Caucasus University, full professor;

2015-2016 - Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani Teaching University, Faculty of Law, guest lecturer;

2015 - University of Georgia, Faculty of Law, invited lecturer

Marital status

Wife and three children

Public Defender of Georgia
Nino Lomjaria
European Georgia chairman
Giga Bokeria
Former President of Georgia
Giorgi Margvelashvili
Empathy Center: The actions of the Justice Minister are an attempt to put pressure on Empathy and the group of experts, as well as to influence the court, to discredit and damage the reputation of local and international experts
Mariam Jishkariani: Rati Bregadze is a party - of course, he cannot trust the conclusion of the Empathy center, because it clearly states that torture was carried out in the prison
Minister of Justice: According to the conclusion of the Samkharauli Forensics Bureau, "Empathy" diagnoses regarding Mikheil Saakashvili are not reliable and infallible
Andrii Kasianov: We have applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on to allow the Ombudsman of Ukraine to visit Saakashvili, but we have not received a reply so far
Rati Bregadze: Giorgi Margvelashvili insults the worthy employees of the penitentiary system by spreading lies about torture - it's a pity that he ended up on the side of the disguised red army, intentionally or unintentionally
Nika Melia: They dare to attack a person in the center of the city and throw eggs at him, this is dangerous
Rati Bregadze: The state has spent up to 200,000 GEL on Saakashvili in 1 year
At the instructions of Shalva Papuashvili, the supervisor made Salome Samadashvili leave the session hall
At the plenary session of the Parliament, there was a verbal confrontation between deputies Khatuna Samnidze and Irakli Kadagishvili
Rati Bregadze on National Movement: It's really a paradox - these people run away from the hall, because they have nothing to say, except for a talentless, insulting, cursing performance
The members of the National Movement faction left the hall of plenary session as a sign of protest
Khatia Dekanoidze to Rati Bregadze: I am sure that you will be held accountable before the law very soon - you will be the direct object of the investigation in the criminal case "Saakashvili-Rati Bregadze"
The plenary session of the Parliament, where the Minister of Justice is heard, started with tension
Rati Bregadze to be heard in the Parliament
Rati Bregadze: When radical forces are trying to damage the image of the state, we have a legitimate goal to inform the public correctly that no one is being tortured in this country
Nika Melia: I think that the opposition MPs should make a decision whether or not to stay in the Parliament depending on whether Saakashvili will be sentenced to death or not
Rati Bregadze: We are really dealing with certain simulations, if the simulation actions aimed at putting pressure on the court are not stopped, we will be forced to release footage
Soso Gogashvili: Even though there are risks and my family is against my attendance at the trial, I will still go to court
Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to Georgia: Now, when the door of the European Union is open, please use this historic opportunity
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