Davit Maghradze : We aim to make the Georgian Dream to leave

Davit Maghradze, leader of the "Defend Georgia", said at the meeting held at Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall today that they aim to let the "Georgian Dream" party to leave and do not let the party, "which brought Georgia a lot of troubles," to return to the power. "We are concerned that "Georgian Dream" can not respond to our dreams, our task is : to let one political organization, that is leading our country today, to go and prevent the return of the party, which brought Georgia a lot of troubles, "he said.According to Davit Maghradze, their merit is that others were also able to "come at the battlefield.""So I think that it's the national task for me to create such future that enables all of us to be strengthened when we will go to the ballot boxes , "said Davit Maghradze.