Grigol Liluashvili says several actions planned by foreign countries within the hybrid war were prevented in 2018

According to the First Deputy Head of the State Security Service, Grigol Liluashvili, several actions planned within the hybrid war were prevented as a result of counter-intelligence activities in 2018.

Liluashvili is delivering an annual report of the State Security Service to the members of the parliamentary committee. The report is 27-page and contains information about the actions of the State Security Service carried out in 2018. The First Deputy Head of the Service touched upon the counter-intelligence activities and named a number of measures planned by foreign countries within the hybrid war.

"Hybrid threats from various actors were the main challenges for the State Security Service in the reporting period. As a result of analyzing the information obtained on the basis of the counterintelligence activities, we identified the main challenges, including violation of the country's territorial integrity, attempts of destabilization, attempts to stir turmoil and polarize the society, danger of economic expansion, attempts to change the country’s foreign policy and violate the country’s sovereignty. In 2018, the countries interested in strengthening their influence in Georgia actively used various methods of hybrid war to achieve their goals. Special services of foreign countries attempted to stir confrontation among various ethnic and religious groups living in Georgia, encourage anti-Western sentiments in the population, deteriorate Georgia’s bilateral relations with strategic partners and the countries in the region, stain the image of Georgia as a democratic and stable country, obtain leverage of economic influence, promote permanent internal political tensions, spread uncertainty and nihilism in the society. They were actively using destructive political forces and social groups, as well as media outlets and social networks," said Liluashvili.

He added that the most important instrument of the hybrid war was the misinformation campaign.

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