Nika Gvaramia dismissed as Director General of Rustavi 2 TV

Nika Gvaramia has been dismissed as the Director General of the Rustavi 2 TV Company at the request of the owner of the TV Company, Kibar Khalvashi. The relevant decision has been made at the meeting of partners and the relevant protocol has been uploaded to the Public Registry website.

The partners’ meeting was convened by Kibar Khalvashi in an hour after the registration of his shares.

According to the document, Paata Salia has been appointed as Director General of the Rustavi 2 channel. The document is signed by Khalvashi twice - as the 60% shareholder and as the director of Panorama Ltd, which owns 40% of the TV company. In total, Khalvashi owns 100% of Rustavi 2 shares.

The public registry of the Ministry of Justice registered Kibar Khalvashi as the owner of the TV company a few hours ago.

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