EU Ambassador on interviews with Supreme Court judicial candidates: “The transparency shown is very important”

“I think the bottom line when it comes to the judiciary is the need to ensure further trust and transparency and independence into the judiciary system, which is something that we very much support when it comes to the selection of Supreme Court judges we're seeing right now.

We saw some shortcomings, as was also noted by the Venice commission and others. With regard to the nomination process, ODIHR gave a very good assessment of the situation, very balanced assessment of the situation. It's very clear that there are some real criticism as to how the nomination process was held”, the Ambassador said.

According to him, the process we've seen now with the interviews, and the transparency shown, is very important, because it empowers the Parliament and all the parliamentarians that are to take the final decisions, with solid documentation and information about the professionalism and personal capabilities of the judges, so that they will be able to make the right choice in the coming weeks.

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