Giorgi Gakharia on the Congressmen’s letter: We can objectively discuss all kinds of assessments, even harsh ones, and we will do this in the near future

We are always ready to sit down with our strategic partners and speak about all issues calmly; letters may not be the best form of communication between the strategic partners and friends, - Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia responded to a question asked by a Georgian journalist in Davos about the letter sent by four US congressmen to the Georgian PM.

“We can objectively discuss all kinds of assessments, be it harsh, fair, or unfair from our point of view, and we will do this in the near future. We need to understand that whatever the motives are behind such letters or assessments, we believe that these are sincere steps to support the friendship and democratic development of Georgia. There may be subjective moments in the evaluations and we will talk about it. We will explain everything to everyone, just as objectively as it is seen from Tbilisi, Washington, Brussels and other capitals, which unequivocally and emphatically acknowledge the progress made by our country in terms of democratization in recent years. This is a fact. There were also some economic aspects in this letter. Georgia has the fastest growing economy in the region today. We will explain this to our friends and colleagues in detail, with figures, with specific examples and with the results that we are all achieving together,” Giorgi Gakharia said.

To the journalist's question of whether the Prime Minister is ready to personally explain the objective reality to the authors of the letter, Giorgi Gakharia responded by saying: "Of course".

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