Embassy of Georgia in Italy issues instructions regarding Corona virus

The Embassy of Georgia in Italy has issued instructions regarding Corona virus for the citizens who are currently in the Lombardy and Veneto regions.

According to the instructions, citizens' cooperation is fundamental for combating the virus.

"Instructions for the Lombardy region: The citizens living in the Lombardy Communes (the municipalities listed in the February 21 decree), who have flu symptoms, should not go to the emergency medical service center, but should call the region's hotline: 800.89.45.45 or 112 or 1500 for getting general information. For detailed information, please visit the website of the Lombardy region!

Instructions for the Veneto region: The citizens, who might have contact with infected persons, but do not have symptoms or have mild symptoms, such as fever and/or cough without respiratory complications, should not call 118 or seek hospital treatment, but should call hotline: 800.46.23.40. In case of suspicions, call 1500! Do not go to hospital in case of having symptoms, but call 118! Follow the region's social networks

https://twitter.com/RegioneVeneto https://www.facebook.com/RegionedelVeneto e https://twitter.com/RegioneVeneto

For detailed information, visit the website of the Veneto region!," reads the statement.

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