Giga Makarashvili: Distancing will be respected at June 20 manifestation

The member of It's a Shame civic movement, Giga Makarashvili, stated that the manifestation will definitely take place on 20 June.

As Makarashvili said during the interview with the Palitra News, the manifests will be respecting distancing rules, will wear masks, and will apply disinfection solutions.

"We will definitely gather on Rustaveli on 20 June. Despite the fact that that the front yard of the Parliament, the protest space of independent Georgia, has been enclosed for 6 months. It seemed that Kaladze would put down the protest drive with this, but if 5000 people were needed to block Rustaveli back then, 500 will suffice now. I believe that Kaladze will get reprimanded for this. We will be standing in distance, we will try to be careful, we'll have masks and disinfection solutions. Every political party that is fighting against the Georgian Dream regime is invited to the manifestation", - stated Giga Makarashvili.

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