Deputy Foreign Minister: The illegal detention of a Georgian citizen is a gross violation of the ceasefire agreement

According to Lasha Darsalia, Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia, the illegal detention of a Georgian citizen by the Russian occupation forces is a gross violation of the ceasefire agreement.

As for the health condition of the wounded citizen of Georgia, who, according to State Security Service, was wounded with a firearm, Lasha Darsalia said the information was being verified though the hotline.

"We are in touch with our partners, first of all, with the Geneva co-chairs. We provided them with full information in order to ensure immediate response to this incident. This is an unequivocally gross violation of the ceasefire agreement. Unfortunately, the security environment has further aggravated as a result of various types of provocations recently,” Lasha Darsalia said.

According to the State Security Service, representatives of the occupation forces wounded a Georgian citizen and illegally detained him.

During the illegal detention, the representatives of the Russian occupation forces wounded the mentioned person with a firearm in his leg, after which, they illegally deprived him of liberty.

Hotline has been immediately activated and both the EUMM and the co-chairs of the Geneva International Talks have been informed of the above-mentioned grave incident committed by the Russian occupation forces.

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