Giorgi Kandelaki: I call on the government to abolish discriminatory quarantine rule with safe countries

According to Giorgi Kandelaki, a member of European Georgia, the government is refusing to allow airlines to start flights from safe countries because Georgian citizens living abroad will return for the elections and vote against the Georgian Dream.

Giorgi Kandelaki calls on the government to lift "discriminatory, unconstitutional quarantine" with safe countries.

"The Georgian government refuses to allow airlines, especially Wizzair and RyanAir, to start flights from countries declared safe by the Georgian government itself. We have received information that one of the reasons behind this ban is the fear that at least some of the Georgian citizens living in Europe, tens of thousands of them will return for the elections and vote against the Georgian Dream. We have this information from our sources within the Georgian government. This is confirmed by the fact that Salome Zurabishvili lost most of the polling stations in European capitals during the last presidential elections, including in Paris. That is why the Georgian government does not include Poland and Greece in the list of safe countries. Let me remind you, there are many of our fellow citizens in Greece, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, some of whom want to return to Georgia... When the Georgian government says that they take into account the epidemiological picture, what does the elections have to do with the epidemiological picture? Does the virus work according to elections? They also tell different airlines to wait before the election, what does the election have to do with the virus at all? This is shocking information. In fact, due to the political reasons, we are dealing with a ban on many of our fellow citizens entering the country, their own homeland. I call on the Georgian government to lift this discriminatory, unconstitutional quarantine, not with all countries but with safe countries with good epidemiological picture and statistics, and to allow airlines to fly, first and foremost, to countries that the Georgian government says are safe. If it is not safe, then why are they declared as safe countries?", - stated Kandelaki.

According to him, Tornike Kublashvili, a Georgian architect living in Berlin, has sued the Georgian government over discriminatory quarantine. The hearing on the lawsuit was supposed to be held in the Tbilisi City Court, however, according to Kandelaki, the government did not submit certain documents on purpose, and then the judge went on leave, due to which the process was postponed for a month. Kandelaki believes that there is an attempt to delay the process and that there is an intention not to hear the case before the elections.

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