Several people arrested during confrontation between UNM members and law enforcers in Batumi

In Batumi, near the Hotel Hilton, there is a physical confrontation between united National Movement members and the law enforcers. Law enforcers have detained several members of the United National Movement. They were taken to the police station.

Members of the United National Movement say the Georgian Dream government is "violent and murderous."

Opposition members say they are holding a peaceful rally and have specific questions for Irakli Kobikhidze, chairman of the Georgian Dream.

"All the perpetrators involved in Nugzar Putkaradze's death will be punished. The case is on the shelf. The time will come soon when all the questions will be answered and the perpetrators will be punished, including Irakli Kobakhidze," said Giorgi Kirtadze, a member of the United National Movement.

In addition, an ambulance brigade arrived at the Hilton Hotel. Nazi Putkaradze, a member of the United National Movement, required medical assistance. She is assisted by medical staff on the spot.

Ran Gidor: I think that Georgia forms an example for many other countries, especially in this region, about what can be achieved in a pluralistic society