Another Georgian fighter killed in Ukraine

Another Georgian fighter, Rati Shurghaia, has been killed in Ukraine.

According to the family members, Shurgaia suffered severe injuries during one of the battles and developed a concussion, but he continued to take part in hostilities before completing the course of treatment, due to which, his condition worsened and doctors were unable to save him.

11 Georgians have been killed in the war with Russia in Ukraine. The fighters are: Davit Ratiani, Gia Beriashvili, Bakhva Chikobava, Davit Gobejishvili, Davit Menabdishvili, Nikoloz Shanava, Arkadi Kasradze, Alika Tsaava, Zaza Bitsadze and Tato Bigvava.

Ran Gidor: I think that Georgia forms an example for many other countries, especially in this region, about what can be achieved in a pluralistic society