Irakli Kobakhidze: There is a "global war party", whose representatives are odious MEPs - their only goal is to provoke the processes in Georgia that are happening in Ukraine

There is a "global war party", whose representatives are odious MEPs, and they are driven by the sole goal of provoking the processes in Georgia that are currently happening in Ukraine, the chairman of Georgian Dream Irakli Kobakhidze said in response to draft amendments to the report related to Georgia's implementation of the EU Association Agreement.

As Kobakhidze explained, the primary text of the resolution is balanced and reflects Georgia's progress in terms of implementation of the Association Agreement, although specific "odious MEPs" are trying to "make absolutely irrelevant and false amendments".

"These people have a direct connection with the general coordination, the goal of which is to unleash a second front in Georgia, and these efforts are also related to all of this. One of the amendments initiated by these odious MEPs is related to the fact that Georgia did not impose sanctions on Russia. We understand very well that this is another step aimed at involving Georgia in the war that is taking place in the region. Of course, we have our priorities, our society has its own priorities, and no such attempt can divert us from this path," Kobakhidze said.

When asked whether his statement should be interpreted as saying that some political parties, which are trying to destabilize the country, have their own allies outside the country, Kobakhidze said that the UNM does not have such resources.

"In reality, the UN­M has no allies outside the country, these people are allies of each other, and people will understand what I mean by that. Of course, they are not lobbyists of the National ­Movement, and the National ­Movement has no resources to work on the foreign flank at such a level. In fact, they are allies of each other, the UN­M is more of an ally of these people than they are allies of the UN­M, those who are capable will understand it," Kobakhidze said.

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