The election headquarters of Levan Khabeishvili appeals to Nika Melia to immediately convene a session of the political council and to determine the date of the election of the party chairman

Representatives of the election headquarters of the candidate for the chairmanship of the National Movement Levan Khabeishvili appeal to the chairman of the party, Nika Melia, to immediately convene a session of the political council and to determine a specific date for the election of the chairman of the party. Party member Levan Bezhashvili stated this at the briefing held at the National ­Movement office.

As Bezhashvili explained, it will not be useful for the interests of the National ­Movement to prolong this process.

"The process of renewal of the party in United Natio­nal Movement is underway. It is planned to elect a new chairman of the party. Accordingly, for this purpose, an organizational working group for the election of the chairman of the party was created. This working group has already completed its session yesterday, a document has been prepared, a rule that should ensure the regulation of elections, at the same time, electronic election platforms have been selected, regarding which the political council should make a final decision. Delaying and postponing the process will not be useful for the party, it will be a decision against the interests of the party, therefore it is important for all parties to demand that the elections be held on time. It is important to determine the specific date of the elections, to carry out organizational work. For this purpose, today, we, Levan Khabeishvili's election headquarters representatives, appeal to the party chairman, political council chairman, so that the political council session be immediately convened, this rule be defined and determined, and the specific date of the elections be set. We think that the session of the political council should be held on Monday, December 5. It is possible by all accounts, so this decision needs the will of the current leadership of the party.

It will not be beneficial to the interests of the party to delay this process, therefore it is important that this decision is taken immediately. We are waiting for the upcoming steps, we are ready to take an active part in the process, since the elections, the new chairman should unite the party, the entire party composition should be organized for new struggles and challenges," said Bezhashvili.

Bezhashvili also spoke about the opinion of certain party members that the election of the party chairman should be postponed until the health issue of Mikheil Saakashvili is resolved.

"The expectation that the main opposition party will be much more active in the political arena, including in relation to the issues of Mikheil Saakashvili, Nika Gvaramia, the implementation of the 12-point plan and the granting of candidate status, imposes a special responsibility on us to be united, to create a new legitimacy within the party and then start active management of political processes. For this, it is necessary to strengthen the party, get new legitimacy and face new challenges," said Bezhashvili.

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