On March 2, the first official reception of the French brand L'Occitane was held in Bioli

The event was symbolically connected with spring. When nature begins to bloom, we are once again convinced that beauty is immortal and that everything that happens around us is very beautiful.

The French brand presented the premium products of Immortelle, one of L'Occitane's best-selling lines, along with the brand concept at the festive dinner. Georgia was visited by Malgorzata Pintrand, regional manager of L'Occitane, and Corentine Baras, Trade Marketing Project Leader. The evening was entitled "Eternal beauty". The main concept of chic, elegant and fragrant brand L'Occitane is to take care of the beauty and to preserve youth. Immortelle is considered a symbol of eternal beauty and youth in France. L'Occitane was the first to discover the distinctive qualities of Immortelle, the flower of immortality, and created premium quality products from it. With this collection, L'Occitane has attracted the attention of many Hollywood stars and took a prominent place in their daily routine.

“L'Occitane is associated with eternal beauty. The leading color of the brand is also the color of the Immortelle flower, yellow. Among the natural ingredients are rose and lavender, so pink and violet also have a special place. Spring is associated with these colors, awakening of nature and beauty. That is why we connected the first official presentation of the brand to this period. The reception was attended by many special guests, and that fact proves once again that L'Occitane is in demand, liked and trusted in our country as well as in many countries of the world. We were able to achieve a lot of success in a short period of time, and today, L’Occitane has received a prominent place in Georgia. L'Occitane is already presented in more than 90 countries and we are proud that Georgia is among them, this is an achievement for us. Representatives of the head office visited us from Switzerland for this day, which is also a great honor for us,” notes Lika Lobzhanidze, general director of L'Occitane representative office in Georgia.

“We are glad that the second boutique was opened in Georgia. The boutique located in City Mall is the first renovated new concept store in the entire Caucasus region and one of the first in the world. From the spatial point of view, the L'Occitane City Mall store is the second largest among the 3,000 boutiques in the world. We really like the approach of Georgian team towards the brand. They are very creative in developing L'Occitane in the country. I would like to thank all influencers who are involved in the development of our brand. Each of them contributes to Georgia's success, which makes us very proud,” says Corentine Baras, global marketing director of L'Occitane.

“Georgia has become an outstanding country for the brand and stands out for its creativity and vision, thanks to which, in this short time, it has become an example for others, for other countries. That's why we decided to develop the portfolio of Georgian brands, and in the near future, Georgian residents will have the opportunity to get to know a number of other world-renowned brands in the beauty industry,” stated Gosia Pintrand, Trade Marketing Project Leader.

Famous faces, opinion makers and media representatives attended the festive dinner. A distinctive French environment was created to present the brand, and the guests virtually traveled to L'Occitane's homeland, Provence, a magical world decorated with lavender meadows and Immortelle flowers.

The evening was accompanied by special musical and theatrical components. The fact that beauty is eternal was reaffirmed by the appearance of three generations stars together on the stage. Natalia Kutateladze, Eka Mamaladze and the legend Nani Bregvadze sang specially for the guests of L'Occitane. They were accompanied by pianists Davit Aladashvili and Nino Guliashvili. The reception ceremony was marked by a violinist and dancing ballerinas - Rose, Lavender, Verbena, Shea and Her Excellency Immortelle, which was the main star of the evening. The arrival of spring is also celebrated in L'Occitane's boutiques. March is the month of beauty, and that's why, until March 10, special offers for both women and men are awaiting customers in both L'Occitane stores, Chavchavadze 40 and City Mall.

L'Occitane en Provence is a French fragrance, body and face care company founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976. The products of the brand in all over the world come directly from Provence. They have a unique composition and contain only 100% natural ingredients.

L'Occitane's best-selling products are the world-renowned and sought-after Almond, Shea and Immortality lines.


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