Irakli Kobakhidze: Membership of the European Union is not possible at the expense of giving up dignity and independence, with a slavish attitude

We deeply believe that membership of the European Union is not possible at the expense of giving up dignity and independence, with a slavish attitude, it is possible only by preserving dignity and independence, - Georgian Dream Chairman Irakli Kobakhidze said at a briefing.

According to him, the draft law "On Foreign Agents" brought greater results even without enactment.

"First of all, everyone has recognized that being an agent is shameful, no matter whose agent you are - North, West, South or East; Society is now better able to distinguish agents of foreign influence from agents of people's influence. It became clear to everyone that the organizations that tried to implement the "Bakuriani plan" and demanded the resignation of the government from the stage, tried to undermine the reputation of the church, carried out LGBT propaganda, opposed the energy independence of the country, etc. - in fact, they are not agents of the Georgian people, but agents of foreign influence; In addition, the discussion around the draft laws will effectively prevent the implementation of the Bakuriani plan in the future, that is, the coup of the government with the involvement of NGOs. We would like to remind you that a revolution took place in our country through NGOs in 2003, which brought Georgia's democratic backsliding, authoritarianism, torture of people, business racketeering, media seizure and occupation of 20 percent of the country's territories. We emphasize that we will never allow the National Movement to return to power through the agents of foreign influence.

The draft law, the sole purpose of which was to ensure the transparency of non-governmental organizations, became the most important tool for the exposure of real agents even without its enactment.

In addition, the processes developed during the past week once again showd the true face of the agents of the collective National Movement - the global war party. These processes reminded us once again that National Movement equals violence. The society remembers the examples of clashes between riot police and protesters under the previous government. Until 2012, the riot police used violence against protesters, and now protesters used violence against the riot police. This has the only logical explanation - until 2012, the National Movement was behind the violent riot police, and now the National Movement is behind the violent protesters.

According to the same logic, until 2012, riot police led by the National Movement abused the Public Defender, and now, protesters led by the National Movement abused the Public Defender. It should be noted that no diplomat, opposition politician or agent of foreign influence has condemned the above so far," Kobakhidze said.

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